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Weight Loss

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Alot of people have been asking how did you lose that much weight  whats your secret?   The info found on the link below and some calorie counting sites,  as well as lots of support from my family and friends have helped me lose 55 pounds so far in a few months The pics on the left are before the weight loss and on the right after

June 2006

Christmas 2006

Me in January about 248 pounds
when I decided I had to do somthing about my health

Click here scroll down the left side to articles and weightloss tools

Thank you to my friend Cali who showed me this way of life (yes way of life its not a diet because a diet implies that you will change your eating habbits someday and you shouldnt)  also,  Thank you to Marina who has always been supportive of anything I do.  Thank You to all my friends and family who have been there for me along the way I could not have done it without you

May 2007

March 2007

Me in April at 195 Pounds
I feel much better will lose a few more pounds and maintain

My day usually starts with a slim fast shake and a banana  for lunch i eat my biggest meal of the day  and sometimes for dinner i eat soup or a heallthy choice meal   the important thing is I dont starve myself  I do eat foods that i enjoy for lunch or on weekends but i try to maintain my calorie goal over all every day  I also work out on my treadmill and use my ab lounger 3 to 4 times a week    I have alot of friends that have seen this work for me and they are trying it as well  most with great results

If you have any questions about what i am doing or what my daily life is like please dont be afraid to email me or message me you can contact me through the contact page on this site